Press Note

In the recently launched 112-Emergency Response Support System (ERSS), due to unimaginable and unprecedented response from the people of Karnataka regarding the new system, landing of calls to 112 emergency number is affected from Telecom Service Providers due to the heavy call traffic. As per the traffic observations of BSNL, a total of 50164 calls per hour are landing on Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) lines which creates call congestion. Additional PRI lines in due course will be provisioned to service the call flow originated on the emergency lines. The service provider C-DAC and BSNL are been asked to address the issues and provide a comprehensive solution to the problem and after getting a report, necessary action will be initiated at the earliest.

Additional Director General of Police
Communications, Logistics & Modernisation
Nodal Officer, ERSS-112, Bengaluru